Who are we…

#ScichatNZ was started in 2014 by Rachel Chisnall, Matt Nicoll and Chhaya Nayaran, three Science and Chemistry teachers eager to connect with others to share ideas and learning experiences. In 2015, we are spreading out wings and are glad to extend the #scichatNZ team to grow this community of Science Educators.

Rachel Chisnall: @ibpossum photo

Rachel has been teaching Secondary Science and Chemistry (with some Maths and Bio thrown in) since 2010 and was honoured to be named a Microsoft Innovative Educator for 2015. Rachel teaches at Taieri College in Dunedin, and is passionate about students achieving to their potential, increasing scientific literacy, blowing things up and having fun. In her summer holiday Rachel is camp manager for Hands on Science, and prior to teaching she completed a Masters degree in Immunology and worked as a research fellow at Otago University. She spends her spare time doing crochet, watching football and chasing her young son.

Blog: ibpossum.wordpress.com

Chhaya Nayaran: @ChhayaNayaran  unnamed-1

E Learning Leader, HOD Science and Elim Christian College and #scichatNZ moderator. Passionate about science education, digital citizenship, leadership, future-focussed teaching and life long learner. Looking forward to engaging students effectively to achieve their full potential. Chhaya has been teaching since 2000 particularly junior Science and Chemistry. She has been a Liggins Institute teacher fellow and recently completed her Masters in Science Education. Chhaya is also into long walks, considers herself a gastronomical ‘expert’ and enjoys spending time with her family.

Website: chhayanarayan.edublogs.org

Matt Nicoll: @MattyNicoll  unnamed

Matt has been teaching since 2000, primarily Junior Science and Senior Chemistry. He has also taught Physics, and his own education was in Microbiology and Biochemistry. Matt is currently a Dean at St Andrew’s College in Christchurch. His recent innovations have including filming the teaching moments of his lessons, using blogs to give students ubiquitous access to lesson content, and implementation of SOLO Taxonomy into his classroom practice.

Blog: classroommatt.blogspot.co.nz

And new to the team for 2015 are

Cath Battersby, Science Learning Hub: @NZScienceLearn  04-Cath-Battersby

Cath has been developing content for the Science Learning Hub since 2009 and has loved working with so many passionate teachers and scientists. She’s a regular #scichatnz participant and loves the power of social media to connect with people. Cath has always loved science (especially biology) and did a BSc at Victoria and a masters in environmental education at Griffith University in Brisbane. She has had numerous science education related jobs including teaching in the USA, working for a non-profit in the UK and developing primary science resources for interactive whiteboards at the University of Liverpool. Cath is Hamilton based, married to a football-mad Brit and has 2 preschoolers 🙂

Website: www.sciencelearn.org.nz / www.biotechlearn.org.nz

Sarah Rodgers: @themrsrodgers   unnamed
Sarah is currently a science and chemistry teacher at Avondale College in Auckland, New Zealand.  She is a beginning teacher, having graduated from the University of Auckland, Faculty of Education at the end of 2014.  Before stepping into teaching, Sarah completed her MSc in Forensic Science in 2009 and has also worked at The Liggins Institute as a research technician.  She was an avid participator in both #edchatNZ and #scichatNZ in 2014, including attending the inaugural #edchatNZ conference.  Sarah is passionate about science and education, and is keen in encouraging more PRTs and beginning teachers into connecting through the twitter community.

Jennie Lyall: @Jackbillie35

Jennie is a primary teacher, passionate about science. Before becoming a teacher she completed a BSc. in Zoology and a Posgraduate diploma in Applied Ecology. Jennie has been awarded a position on the Royal Society’s Science Teacher Leadership programme this year and is excited to be spending 6 months working alongside DoC scientists studying the Grand and Otago skinks. Jennie has been a keen contributer to #edchatnz since the beginning and looks forward to making the science connections between primary and secondary school via #scichatnz. Jennie is lucky enough to live in Wanaka, where she spends her time outdoors on long walks with her dog, Billie.

Blog: newadventureslearning.blogspot.co.nz

Aaron Huggard: @MrHuggard f0766019af3a66b3026f70bd39daf2ca

Aaron has been teaching Science since 2007. Although a Chemistry specialist, he has also had experience teaching Senior Biology and Physics. In 2015 Aaron made the move to Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland, having to turn down a position on the Royal Society’s Science Teaching Leadership Programme to do so. Prior to this he was Teacher in Charge of Chemistry and an E-learning leader at Green Bay High School where he led the development of an ambitious blended learning course for Year 9 Science; developed and taught a Year 10 option course on the Nature of Science; and introduced POGIL (Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning) into Senior Chemistry. Aaron is passionate about creating stimulating, flexible, student-centred learning environments that focus on the Nature of Science. He would also love to see Earth and Space Science given the same emphasis as Biology, Chemistry and Physics in Secondary Schools.

Blog: puttingtheeinscience.blogspot.co.nz

Paula Hay: @heymrshay

Paula is HOD Science at St Mary’s College in Wellington and has fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a teacher.  She has been teaching science since 2004 in Wellington and in London.  Paula considers herself to be a lifelong learner, and is currently interested in upskilling herself in e-learning and SOLO Taxonomy.  She is thankful to Rachel Chisnall who introduced her to the world of Twitter and has been enjoying exploring the tweacher twitterverse.   In her spare time, Paula loves to learn about kapa haka with her students and is a crazy Zumba Fitness instructor.
Michael Harvey: @DoctorHarvey
Second year PRT at St Peter’s College, Auckland. Teaching Senior Biology, Physics and Chemistry and Junior Science. Lover of learning with interests in developing science education especially the integration of game based learning into the classroom. He is a firm believer that the stairway from information to wisdom has not changed. Science concepts need to be learned before they can be played with and broken. Screen Shot 2015-10-25 at 8.39.21 pmMichael has been a research chemist, intellectual property adviser and recently completed a certificate in digital and collaborative learning at Mind Lab at Unitec. Michael is also into tramping, travel and considers himself an expert in pies and gets up at crazy times in the morning to support his beloved Crystal Palace F.C.

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