Nature of Science – Fact or Fiction

This is @ibpossum signing in.

So, in prepping for this weeks #scichatNZ (at slightly late notice, I was going to bunk it to mark – so glad I didnt), I needed to read up to remind myself about the Nature of Science. So off the NZC I went.

NoSWhich tells me lots, and also not very much. So a trusty google search later, and I found several excellent resources.

The Science Learning Hub of course came up trumps, with not only the excellent infographic on about how Science works, but a whole list of resources and articles about incorporating NoS into you teaching and learning program, and what each of the different strands means.


Along with this great article on why you should teach the nature of science.

I also re found the lovely article by Rosemay Hipkins on building a Science program using NoS. I read this when it came out, it is definitely worth a look.

TKI Scienceonline has some useful info as well, although I feel it is at a more superficial level. There was also this guide from the senior secondary TKI section

@MrHuggard sent through this amazing resource from Berkley, an absolute must look. LOOK AT IT. There are so many resources available.

Also from @MrHuggard, Smarter Sciences which is an open source framework for teaching and learning Science and developing Inquiry and Creativity.

But it got me thinking again what exactly is Science? Can we assess Scientific thinking? I have never liked the use of the word ‘understand’ in either the curriculum or achievement standards. Demonstrate understanding is so vague….. and I know that the AS are deliberately vague so that they can be inclusive. But how can you understand about doing Science if you can’t ‘do’ Science in a one hour period three times a week. How can we make it authentic and real for students, while still meeting the expectations of assessment, employers and parents?

I don’t know, but I am very excited at the prospect of designing a NoS based unit with @mattynicoll. I am sure I will learn a whole heap along the way.


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