Mach I – Big ups everyone

So I am taking to honour of writing the first blog post under the #scichatNZ banner.

And using this opportunity to thank some amazing people who have chipped in along the way, and helped me (Rach), Matt and Chhaya get #scichat started.

The idea for #scichatNZ started at a core education day in Dunedin, and the truly inspired and inspirational Karen Melhuish Spencer basically called me out for wishing there was more Science content on twitter for NZ educators. ‘Start it’ she said, ‘and shoulder tap some people, it will happen’. And to my amazement, it happened. So thanks has to go to Karen for pushing me to the next level.

The hashtag #scichatNZ was bandied about a bit, and started to hit the ground running at SciCon. And here Matt and Chhaya stepped in (even though they weren’t at Scicon) and took it to the next level. Before I knew it, it had gone from a hashtag for people to post questions and queries on,  to fortnightly chats with a committee, e-mail addresses, twitter handles and a Facebook page.

Which would not have happened without @MissDtheTeacher, or Danielle Myburgh, who started up #edchatnz and gave us some time via a GHO to talk over ideas, the trials and successes she had with #edchatnz, and generally just be a guiding light. I would never have had that initial convo with Karen if I hadn’t started to get really into #edchatNZ, and the generous way Danielle shares her experience, expertise and enthusiasm is amazing. We also had some buddies starting up #engchatNZ at the same time, and it was awesome to bounce ideas off them, and have some friendly banter about who was ‘trendier’.

@NZsciencelearn and @NZScienceteacher were also really supportive, and freely publicised the event through their twitter feeds and sites/articles.

Then after the first chat we started talking logos, and @MrHuggard/Aaron Huggard just up and did it for us. We all think it is awesome sauce, and it gives me a real buzz to see the wee birdie. The jury is still out as to whether Physics or Chem can claim the atom, but we all agree it looks amazing.

And last but not least, thanks to all the amazing teachers, researchers, lectures and Science enthusiasts out there who joined in, and will help us grow and nurture this community. Every ideas is worth sharing, every question is valuable, and I have a renewed enthusiasm and hope for Science education heading into the future.

Go forth and prosper #scichatNZ.


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